2014 Summer's List

Summer is here in the Philippines.

And to those who still haven't been to our lovely islands, now may be the best and worst time to go. Because Filipinos love to travel, the beaches are most likely to be packed with revelers - packed to make Boracay seem like Mall of Asia. But it is also at this time that you can travel to most hidden islands, given the nice sea conditions. Take a look at some of my choices for this Summer - some of which I have not been on to.

1. The Beaches of Antique (Cualsi and Pandan)

People should seriously start looking beyond Boracay, since there is a whole wealth of pristine beaches around it. One of them can be found just 45 minutes away from Caticlan and Kalibo. The town of Culasi hosts to white sand beaches that are unmistakably siblings of Boracay, while Pandan can be one of the country's most beautiful eco-tourism destinations. I will be touring this place April 1st week.

2. Carabao Island, Romblon

Since I will be in Boracay a whole lot this Summer, I would naturally be attracted to islands and beaches nearby. So let's call in the boats to take us all to Carabao Island.

photo credit: travelogues

3. Dasol, Pangasinan

It's time to go back. After scouring for its best beach and finding it in Tambobong, I made a pact to go back. Now is the time. Around 4 hours drive from Manila, Tambobong is a small seaside village in Dasol, Pangasinan. I do not know how it looks like now, but back then, there were already lots of houses facing the shore, yet, the water was STILL amazingly clean and clear. Oh, and the sand? Boracay quality - just for your reference.

4. Subic Beach, Sorsogon

I have been wanting to go here ever since. And Sorsogon has been on my explore list. I never really saw through Sorsogon, except Donsol. Subic Beach is a gem near Matnog, the port gateway to the Visayan islands.

photo credit: devveb

5. Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora

Still rates tops in my choices for beaches in the country, this alluring stretch of dark sand is growing more popular with the opening of chic Costa Pacifica Resort. Baler may transform into that cool and laid-back beach town, once the waves have settled down for the summer. I imagine more people biking by the boardwalk, more artists painting on the shores and more musical performances by local artists.

So with 3 months of Summer, I'm under a lot of pressure. There are so many more beaches to explore and I actually miss our country since I have been traveling mostly abroad. So here's to a mission to get as sun tanned and get beach kissed as much as possible!


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