Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center Boracay

Being in Boracay almost every month, I have become familiar with most accommodations on the island, from Station 1 all the way to the very end of Station 3, from Diniwind to Bulabog, from backpacker guesthouses to private villas. But there is one resort that got me surprised, since, I wouldn't have expected it to be like what it is. This resort was the Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center.

Most Filipinos prefer to be as close to the beach as possible. In fact, if you are a Boracay virgin, then I would also recommend you stay on a beachfront hotel. So when my friend booked a room at the Crown, which was supposedly at the back road behind Boracay Regency, I was quite reluctant. 

You may remember Crown Regency from Cebu and its skywalk attraction. Yes, this hotel is owned by the same group that runs the rooftop adventure that dominates the Cebu skyline. I remember they provided affordable 4-star accommodations. When I entered their lobby here in Boracay, I wasn't expecting much. After seeing crowds of Asian tourists, I was hoping for the worst.

Then I began to hear some rumbling sounds coming from outside. I was naturally lured out of the lobby into a viewing deck. And from there, my eyes opened wide.

A wave pool. A wave runner. A giant pool slide. A dancing fountain. All at the center of rooms that overlooked this fun filled water park. I was really shocked to find these splashing attractions in the heart of Boracay. 

And it doesn't end there. Crown also had an oceanarium, which at that time was closed for maintenance. They even had a tiger at their lobby. For those wild selfies. 

Indeed, Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center was a shocker. And with rooms starting at P3,500 a night, it is indeed a steal. Their rooms may not be luxurious, but the quality compares to Astoria and other more expensive ones. Just book a room that overlooks the pool.

If it is not your first time in Boracay, I suggest you stay for a night here or two. If you have kids, then this would also be the perfect place for them to end their Boracay experience. Crown Regency is that type of hotel that surprises you. From the moment you arrive, to sundown, when fire dancers perform with a backdrop of a colorful dancing fountain. Again, all seen from the comforts of your room.


Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center
Station 2, Main Highway, Boracay Island

Ambience: 2.5
Room: 2.5
Service: 3
Facilities: 4
Dining: 2.5
Over-all Experience: 3
I.E Score: 2.92 (fair)


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