The Manor at Camp John Hay

The Manor at Camp John Hay has been my home for a week when I was in Baguio. For me, the Manor is the best hotel in Baguio, next to Elizabeth. Their rooms are huge, fit for a family of four. I love their walk in closet that I have transformed into my little office when I was there. The views of pine trees from the balcony does make you forget about work, as proven by my relentless efforts to keep a pace with the event we were organizing.

The Manor in itself is a beautiful place. The wooden panels exude coziness to the extreme. There is a spa, gym with all the facilities. It has a quaint bakeshop as well, that serves one of the best cheesecakes. Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of the Marble Cheesecake that I had more than thrice while I was there.

The Manor also takes pride in one of the best restaurants in Baguio, the award winning, Le Chef. Though disappointed during my first dinner here, my succeeding meals proved satisfying enough. I had the same American breakfast during my entire stay and I just loved how they cooked their bacon. Crisp and lean. You should also try their Lechon Kawali with Laing, a great belly buster. Servings at Le Chef are huge as well, so make sure you have a big appetite. Dining here is also an experience, as you feel so comfortable, with the ambience so relaxing. The waiting staff is also attentive and pleasant.

The Manor at Cam John Hay is definitely the top choice for accommodations in Baguio. There's also the Manor Suites, which are more classy and expensive as well. A night in the Manor will set you back almost P5,000, but during the lean season (from June 15 to September), their published rates are slashed by half. Now that's a deal you shouldn't miss.


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