Tam Awan Village

The Tam-Awan Village near Naguilan Road is one of the best kept secrets of Baguio. Tucked along a steep slope, the Tam-Awan Village is made up of Igorot huts that one can rent for night for as low as P500. This is a very nice option for backpackers who trek up to Baguio. You get to live in actual Igorot huts and experience their culture.

The Tam-Awan Village is also a repository of art works. There is an art gallery in the compound that showcases fabulous local work. I wasn't able to take a picture of the gallery, since picture taking wasn't allowed. However, in their shop, there are a lot of a paintings and sculptures that are on display. Sometimes, there are performances here by local artists, musicians, dancers and the like.

You could also have yourself drawn for P100 by the local artists present there. You sit down in their make shift studio and artists pen away their renditions of your image. You get to choose in the end which drawings you like to take home with you.

The Tam-Awan Village also serves excellent Benguet coffee and mud cakes.

I know that most people haven't been to the Tam-Awan though it is listed in most Baguio brochures. So, take the time to pass by this unique community of artists that takes pride in their rich culture. And try to stay for a night. It will definitely make for a great experience.


  1. i just discovered your blog by typing bantayan blog in google. i enjoy reading travel blogs. thank God i found this.

  2. Family tradition to go up to Baguio every holy week and Christmas, but only discovered Tam Awan Village in 2005. Very pretty place. Panalo na some artists were there when you visited.

    Funny thing, have never eaten at Breakfast at the Ruins - EVER! Top of my list next time we go there.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. How can we get there please?

  4. This place is wonderful. Would love to see.

  5. It don't know the exact address, but it is located in Baguio City. You can just ask around, sorry.

  6. Hi. Thanks for this post. Am glad I've visited the place.

  7. Baguio's one of the best place to visit.


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