Sentro 1850: Cagayan de Oro

Let me take you all the way from Cebu to Cagayan de Oro City, the city of Golden Friendship (what a weird description). One of the more popular restaurants in the city is Sentro 1850. Now, I don't know if this place is connected with the Cheateu group in Manila. Does anyone have any information?

Sentro 1850 is located at the heart of CDO, the bustling Divisoria area. Yes, they have Divisoria too, but call it their nightspot. There are several restaurants and bars in the area amidst a busy night market that keeps the city alive. Bands play on the plaza, and you can see a lot of tourists around. Sentro 1850 is in front of Bo's Coffee, I forgot what street, but it is in one of those perpendicular to the night market.

The place was packed when we arrived for dinner, so I was expecting good and comfort food. The menu had a lot of choices, but some of them weren't available. We started with calamares and bread with a spinach dip.

I am in search of the best calamares in the country, and this was just normal. I still consider the Calamares of Paradise Resort in Samal to be the best (crunchy outside yet perfectly soft and tender inside).

The spinach and cheese dip was dry and lacked flavor. The bread served with it was also a bit hard, since it was toasted and let out for a while.

First dish up was the Fish and Chips. Again, typical, but at least comforting. It tasted like any other dory encrusted in bread crumbs. The best still goes to Fish and Co.'s Best Fish and Chips.

Next up is another favorite of mine, Roast Beef. I can't seem to find the perfect roast beef. This was actually good. It wasn't too flaky, and the gravy was satisfying. I had to ask for more of it after.

The Grilled Porkchops are considered a best seller here. You get two big chops, and both were tender. That's the only quality I seek in pork chops. They must be easy to chew.

The highlight dish was the Grilled Squid in Peanut Sauce. Think a more sophisticated kare-kare sauce smothering a huge piece of succulent squid. This was the best dish for me amongst all that we ordered. It was unique and refreshing as well, a kind of fusion dish you can find in Thai restaurants.

The last dish served was a steamed fish dish with cream sauce. I forgot the name, but it had the best presentation. It was tasty as well, with fried potato strings topping it off.

To end the meal, we had this great chocolate cake, rich and very sinful. The chocolate slates were addicting. This was definitely a good choice for a dessert. They have a lot of other cakes, so we're glad we asked for this one (the last piece). All in all, Sentro 1850 is indeed comfort food, and if you're sick of Filipino food while touring CDO and its environs, try to visit this place. At least, you're guaranteed a satisfying meal.


  1. NO, Sentro 1880 is not part of the Chateau Group. there is only one Sentro 1771, and it is located in Greenbelt 3, Makati City.

  2. Sorry, Sentro 1880 is not connected to the Chateau Group. There is only 1 Sentro 1771, and that is located in Greenbelt 3, Makati.

  3. ahem actually its not sentro 1880 its sentro 1850 :) peace!

  4. Its Sentro 1850, not 1880. Its located along Velez St. You should have tried their lechon kawali.

  5. yes, it is Sentro 1850 :-) not 1880


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