Ogtong Cave Beach Resort, Bantayan

Yup, this is Bantayan now. I started off with the picture to inspire you.

Welcome to Ogtong Cave Beach Resort, just beside the Sta. Fe Beach Club in Sta. Fe, Bantayan. Now, when I was here 7 years ago, the island had smaller and mid-class resorts. Now, of course, developments have been imposed on the island, and I think this was a good move. You see, my stand on tourism development is not going against structures and resort building. I am more of responsible development, thus, resorts that adhere to environmental standards, and those that do not destroy the natural beauty and sight of the area. I hate it more when locals try to cash in on increasing tourist arrivals, by making the beach look like a marketplace. Again, the local government is the one to blame. Responsible development is the key.

And Ogtong Cave Resort adhered to this principle of mine. They have brought in luxury to even enhance the natural beauty. They have maintained the highlight of the resort, the Ogtong Cave, where one can dip into the cool and clear waters.

The cottages in the resort are built well which made it looked so inviting and relaxing. One can just sit in the terrace and read a book while facing the sea.

And what a beautiful view of the sea. The white, blue and green hues from Ogtong would just make your heart melt. Imagine, this was taken at noontime, the worst time to take a picture. But the results were still dazzling and mesmerizing.

All in all, the Ogtong Cave Beach Resort is a place I would recommend families and friends to spend a night or two when in Bantayan. Rates are not that expensive (you could get a room for P2,000 a night!) With a swimming pool, a cave, a great shoreline and impeccable service, this is already a steal.

So, what more can I say. I am all thumbs up for this resort. There are several other resorts around Sta. Fe, and all share the same natural beauty of Bantayan. I stayed before at Marlim's nipa huts, which was also charming. I am leaving you again with a panorama of a beach that I hope won't lose its splendor amidst the rapid development.


  1. how will I know the rate? or anything about the info?


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