Red Mango

When I was in Central World in Bangkok, I was halted by the sight of a red sign that looked very familiar. It was Red Mango, a popular international frozen yogurt franchise. I was headed for Starbucks for coffee, but instead queued up for a green tea fro-yo.

The topping selection wasn't extensive, and so I opted for one of my favorite, red beans.

That's probably the best I could pair with green tea. It was heaven for me, silky smooth texture, not too sweet, not too sour.

I was shopping in Megamall just yesterday and saw the sign of Red Mango beside the newly located Bread Talk in Bldg. A near Powerbooks. I haven't been around so I don't know if there is already Red Mango in the country. Nevertheless, I'm waiting for the opening of the Megamall store for the ultimate green tea froyo. I'm glad we now have it.


  1. hi! red mango has officially open in trinoma! :) infront of toys r us! :)

  2. Red Mango is in Eastwood Mall (where I always get my fix) and in Megamall Bldg A beside Breadtalk.


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