The Gustavian opens in Manila

The Gustavian is here in Manila, and has found its home rightfully in Eastwood Mall.

The Gustavian is an established restaurant in Cebu. When I first tried Gustavian years back, I immediately fell in love with the place, even though the food was not 5-star for me. So take note, a dining experience sometimes is not just about the food. The ambience can really make everything feel and taste better.

Even before Chelsea, the Gustavian was already making waves in the Queen City of the South. The branch here in Manila is small though, and can only accommodate 50 guests, which I think is good. At least, it won't get rowdy.

I like their sandwiches, since they are simple and relatively inexpensive. I ordered a Forest Ham panini (P160) which was lacking in flavor. The panini bread was great though.

My sister ordered a Spaghetti Pesto (P180) which was better than I expected. We were here for a snack, so we weren't able to order more.

I'm happy that the Gustavian is now here in Manila, and I hope it gains strength to fight the growing competition in Eastwood Mall. The last thing I wanna see is the deli restaurant closing, and heading back home to Cebu.

The Gustavian is located at the ground floor of Eastwood Mall, beside Old Vine.


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