Resorts World Manila

I recently went a spontaneous trip to Resorts World in Newport City in front of NAIA 3. We were supposed to have dinner at the Fort, but I drove myself up McKinley, and eventually found myself heading straight to NAIA3 like I was on auto-pilot. I was missing traveling I guess.

I was surprised at the casino hotel. I immediately felt I wasn't in Manila, but more of Macau. Resorts World hasn't been completed yet, but I envision the hotel to make waves once it fully opens. The decor is luxurious, red and gold furnishings with modern elements.

I went there to meet the barkada, but I arrived early, so I booked us seats in a restaurant inside the casino area. The casino area is the only facility that is open so far. Of course, I couldn't take a picture of the casino, but it looks like any modern Macau or Vegas casino. It's that good, way better than the PAGCOR one in Paranaque. Though I don't gamble, I took a shot in doing slots. I got a membership card which I used in the slots.

So, if you have time, check out Resorts World. There's a lot of wholesome adult entertainment in store. I was surprised that there were actually a lot of people already, making the place full on a Friday night. I can't wait for the rest of the hotels like Marriot, Maxims and Remingtons to open here. This endeavor will surely boost tourism in Manila.


  1. really!! i am having my internship there and i strongly agree on what you are saying!!! hopefully i will be absorb by the management


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