The Divine Mercy Shrine: El Salvador, Misamis Oriental

Going back from Iligan City, our driver suggested we visit a shrine that was nestled on top of a hill. The shrine was of the Divine Mercy. Being apathetic about shrines and temples that time, I didn't take interest. 

We got of the van after going up a hill that had a picturesque view of endless greens. To the horizon, I could see the Macajalar Bay. When we entered, I was told to wear a blue skirt covering, since I was wearing shorts. I was kind of sleepy, so I was irritated that I had to wear a skirt. My companions were laughing at me, but I was too irritated to react.

Then, suddenly, out of the blue, a statue emerged. I was speechless at first, ran closer, and found a spot to view its entirety.

This was the Divine Heart Shrine, that opened in 2008. I was awestruck at the grandness of the statue. The rays were actually staircases leading to the Sacred Heart. The shrine was already closed, so we weren't able to go up.

I was moved by the sight of the statue. I must admit, I am not very religious, but this made me reflect a lot. I never knew there was something like this in the country, more so, in Mindanao. The town of El Salvador is host to this 50-foot statue of the Divine Mercy Christ.

I took several pictures from all angles, and since it was sunset already, the scenery was more beautiful. It was quiet and it seemed like nature was embracing you.

The Divine Heart Shrine is our version of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janerio in Brazil. Though smaller, I've always wondered why we didn't have grand images of Christ. This was truly a surprise that moved me. So, if you're in Cagayan de Oro, try to visit El Salvador City, which is about 45 minutes away.


  1. This is indeed one HUGE statue! my family went there during Christmas season, being the Filibustero I was kind of apathetic too! but I find the place beautiful and the view of Macalajar Bay is spectacular! they said Manny Pacquiao donated millions to build the statue

  2. How great is the power of God ! His ocean of mercy is now flowing in corners of the world. With Brother Stanley ( of Cebu, Philippines and in Chicago, Illinois USA - sponsored by Thomas More Society, Heralds of the Divine Mercy and Institute of Christopher

  3. distance is more important to know than how many minutes u travel the destination

  4. ..we've been there and its so awesome to see the divine mercy shrine in first time.I feel blessed that i reach El Salvador we are from far place.but feeling of too much joy is full-out in my heart as he granted my devotion to be there last April 15.


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