Kenyama Resort, Guimras

I guess you all know by now that most of my travels are actually side trips from work. I extend my stay for a couple of days, especially on weekends. As a result, I get to explore a lot of places. One of my most recent extended stays was in Guimaras, one of my favorite islands in the Philippines.

I love Guimaras the same way I love Samal. They are both easy to get to. From the Ortiz port in Iloilo, you just a public ferry to Jordan in Guimaras. It's like taking a tricycle. It's that easy. Now, I have been going back to Guimaras everytime I'm in Iloilo. This time, I was alone, so I wanted a place that's new and secluded. I searched for a resort online, and was led to one with good reviews.

The name of the resort is Kenyama, owned by a Japanese, and relatively new. It opened in 2009, so you would say it is still under construction. The resort is located in the town of Nueva Valencia. Just tell your driver that you are going to Cusi Point, where a famous lighthouse can be found. I took a habal-habal, since I was alone, and it took me almost an hour to get there. The ride was grueling, but riding a habal-habal always exhilarated me. 

I arrived in Kenyama and was pleased that I was the only guest aside from a Japanese couple. The place looked breezy, not luxurious, but at least more than basic. It had a restaurant so I was already settled. I paid for a deluxe room for P2,500, quite pricey I think, given the room's amenities.

The room was very basic. There was a refrigerator and a small TV, and the bathroom was spartan. It wasn't immaculate, and was wondering how it could look that old in just over a year.

The decor of the room was very uninspiring, to think the owner was Japanese. The walls were plain white, and there was just a small painting in one corner. I knew I wouldn't be spending time inside the room.

Kenyama looked so much better outdoors. There was a hallway terrace leading to the rooms, and there were tables and chairs, so I basically hung out just outside my door. I arrived around 4PM, so I rushed down to experience the beach.

Kenyama is located on a cliff's edge, so it had wonderful views of the sea. I saw a glimpse of the white beach, so it made me rush down.

The beach is actually not 5-star, but it was pleasant. It was just wide enough for activities, although the sand was not fine. It was crushed coral - coarse but not tough on the feet.

I explored both edges of the beach, and even saw the lighthouse on the left end. There were coves and rocks on each side as well, giving it more character. The water was very clear, as the case in most of Guimaras. I could see coral from the shore, and thought it would be a great snorkeling site. I didn't have any snorkel though, and I was too tired to swim. So I just lazed on the beach, all alone, and dozed off.

The next thing I knew, the sun was already setting. It was so peaceful and perfect. It was just what I needed after a very busy week. Imagine, the quietness, the tranquility of the meek splash of water onto the coral shore. Add to that the backdrop of a perfect sunset and the soft songs of crickets. I was wishing for nothing else.

I retired early after eating dinner, since there was nothing else to do. The next morning, I was greeted with brilliant sunshine, and I was tempted to stay a day more. I worked the entire morning, which was a delight, since I was truly inspired. I wished every work day was like this. I was happy that I found a new paradise in Guimaras, by the name of Kenyama.


  1. Wow ang sarap naman dyan, gustong gusto ko talaga manood ng sunrise.

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  2. What a lovely writeup. Honest and comes from the heart. Thanks for this! Planning to go to Iloilo this May but still torn betweem Guimaras and Gigantes!



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