Hotel St. Ellis, Legazpi City

My very brief stay in Legazpi was made memorable because of the hotel I stayed in. When my tita who was managing the hotel told me to visit her, I didn't expect to see this. 

So, when I arrived, the expression on my face was priceless. Who knew there was a hotel like this is Legazpi? May I introduce to you, the newest hotel in the city of Mayon, Hotel St. Ellis.

Hotel St. Ellis is managed by the Genesis group, that also manages several great hotels and resorts in the country, like Astoria, A. Venue Suites, Misibis Bay, Las Casas Filipinas de Azucar and even Bellaroca.

And it shows that it is managed with excellence. The hotel is beautifully designed. With a luxe modern theme, the hotel radiates a very comfortable atmosphere. The minute you walk in the hotel, the courteous staff will greet you with smiles. They even serve a great pandan iced tea welcome drink.

Once an old hotel with a movie theater and a mall at the second floor, Hotel St. Ellis was transformed into a plush boutique haven. I hear that the theater is still there, but now used as a ballroom for private and corporate functions. 

I registered at the front desk, and was given a standard room at a local rate of P3,200. With a place like this, and amenities like a spa, swimming pool and a spacious gym, I thought it was worth it.

The room hallways had mirror glass carvings on the ceiling. The hallways were wide and there are only around 18 rooms for each floor.

When I entered the room, I was welcomed by a very inviting bed. I knew I wanted to explore Legaspi, but this room made me lock myself up in comfort the whole afternoon.

There was free internet, though through a LAN cable. I had to work and check some emails, so the free service was a blessing.

The bathroom was spacious, though bare. There were no free toiletries, except for the basic soap, shampoo and toothbrush. There was also no bath tub, but hey, this was a standard room.

I planned to go to the swimming pool, which looked it was indoor, but again, I locked up myself in the room. So, after taking a working, checking email, watching TV and taking a long nap, I realized it was already 6PM. I was supposed to have dinner with my grandmother. I took a quick visit to the gym, which was empty. I was in the middle of running on the treadmill, when my relatives told me they were in the restaurant already.

 We had a very nice dinner at the restaurant. The prices weren't bad compared to Manila's. The food was acceptable, and they had surprisingly huge servings.

After dinner, I visited the spa on the second floor. I booked a massage, since I was already finished with my work. I wasn't able to take pictures of the spa, but believe me, it had one of the best interiors for a spa. And again, I was the only guest, so I felt I had the entire place to myself.

The next day, I took the hotel's free airport shuttle to catch the 1st flight back to Manila. I was very pleased with my experience with St. Ellis, that it will always be my choice of stay when I am in Legazpi (if I have the budget). So for all those who want to experience luxury at a very reasonable price, stay in Hotel St. Ellis. The hotel beats out any boutique hotel in Manila, and is probably one of the best in the country to date.

Hotel St. Ellis
Rizal Street, Legazpi City
Albay 4500, Philippines
Phone Number: +63 (52) 480 8088


  1. May I inform you that our city is LEGAZPI not Legaspi.

  2. Thanks for the correction. I have already changed the posts. Thanks!

  3. Sir,

    Can u pls add more details as to the location of the hotel,what are the closest landmarks,how far is it from the city and what mode of transport available to reach destinations?

    I am from Legazpi, working in Ireland,but can't picture in my mind where the hotel is located.

    Thank you very much for the wonderful article you wrote...

    Take care&God bless...


  4. to maria:if you are from Legazpi,Hotel St. Ellis is the former La Trinidad Arcade.Just a stone throw away from LCC Mall.

  5. Hi, thanks for the details. St. Ellis offers free airport shuttles, so you can just take that when you arrive. It's also near Embarcadero, so it's a great location.

  6. Wow,at least i wont stay long in Manila when i arrive in the Phils.for my annual vacation.And one more thing,it would be easy for me to take my family in a relaxing place near embarcadero where we can stroll and see the beauty of legazpi...

  7. do you have a safe parking area there? i still remember when my window car was break by one of those kids who who was from that area.

  8. Hi can you please post the rates...thanks!

  9. Hi Anonymous here is the answer to your queries, Yes we now have a safe parking area, for the rates please do check out our website its

  10. Thanks for blogging about us. Please join the official Hotel St. Ellis Facebook page: :)

  11. we love love LOVE Hotel St. Ellis!!

  12. make the kitchen in order and clean! I was guest before When I was lost in your hotel and not expecting to be in your kitchen thank you!

  13. Aside from the nice room, the breakfast buffet was good too. Few choices but delicious. Beef tapa was superb! When hubby asked what it was - waiter told us it's Angus. Truly a memorable one.


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