Beijing Olympics Park

It was winter, and it was getting colder as the day progresses. After a satisfying lunch, we made a stopover at one of Beiing's top spots, its 2008 Summer Olympics village.

I was particularly excited at seeing the Nest and the Cube, since I get amazed now by modern architecture. Well, from afar, the Bird's Nest was an imposing structure, and I just can't help but marvel at this manmade wonder.

I was trying to figure out how they managed to bend those metal strips wrapping around the stadium. I better find a documentary on its construction. As soon as we circled half of the exterior of the stadium, we found ourselves on a large open square. The Cube was just across.

I wasn't able to see the Water Cube at night, when it is supposed to look like suspended water. I planned to pass by at night, but the snow fell hard.

Across the Cube was an indoor stadium, and this building. It looked alien to me, and this was the building that caught my attention. I didn't know the name of the slate colored structure, that seemingly had no windows. It was mysterious indeed.

There were several other sculptures around the village, and I assumed that the entire feel changes during the warmer months. There was also a media tower, that looked like a spaceship hoisted above ground.

The Beijing Olympics park was a refreshing stopover, even though it was cold. We moved on to our next destination, Beijing's top draw, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.


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