The Great Wall of China: Beijing Series

I cannot express how much I love China. Coming from a previous unforgettable trip across the Chinese Southwest, I was left yearning for more adventure. So, 2 years after, I made my way back to China, but now to its heartland, the capital Beijing.

And of course, what would a trip be to Beijing, without a trip to one of the wonders of the modern world, The Great Wall of China.

I was researching in the internet for possible tours to the Great Wall, but I didn't want to go to the touristy Badaling Wall. So, I opted to take our group to the Mutianyu Wall, which wasn't as developed as the former.

That didn't mean it was all natural, though, and there was still the staple cable car ride going up a Chinese mountain. It was more of a ski lift though, and the view wasn't as impressive. It was winter still (late February), so the place looked desolate.

However, the Great Wall was still imposing, and this magnificent structure was indeed a wonder. The wall seemed to stretch endlessly across the rugged mountains. I wondered if the mountains become green during the spring.

Although the Great Wall seemed bare to me, and in fact, felt more like a place of ruins for me, the setting gave us spectacular photos.

As the day progressed, the sun showed, and gave the landscape more drama. We saw more mountains in the distance, and thus, the wall seemed to reveal itself more. We hiked for at least 2 kilometers, passing by 5 watch towers, and then decided to head back. It was really tiring.

When everyone else was back at the meeting point, we started our descent back to the main entrance. And we descended via a luge.

The ride was surprisingly long, perhaps the longest luge ride I've taken. It was thrilling when I picked up speed, especially when the slope got steeper. 

We went back to Beijing tired but satisfied nonetheless. It took us more than 2 hours because of the horrendous traffic in the expressway. I can't say I'm that impressed with the Great Wall, but thinking of its history and how it was made is indeed a wonder I cannot deny.


  1. Wonderful indeed! Being a history buff, I really intend to visit the Great Wall of China within my life time. Thanks for this great post, it's a great resource for my China travel plan.


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