It's Time Tawi-Tawi!

And so it begins. Cebu Pacific finally opens their 50th route to the southern most province in the country, Tawi-Tawi. I've been wanting to go back to this elusive group of islands, given its remoteness and charm. Of course, one cannot discount the security concerns, but as long as you keep close guard, Tawi-Tawi is relatively safe.

So, time to escape to Tawi-Tawi. I'm not a fan of Cebu Pacific, but I just want to congratulate them for opening a whole new era of tourism for the province. With Sitangkai, Simunul and even the Turtle Islands on its realm, Tawi-Tawi is indeed the new Batanes.

Time to explore! Read more on Tawi-Tawi from my previous entries here.


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  2. So its relatively safe to go to Tawi Tawi? I want to explore Mindanao but of course, with all the news thats going on..

    Definitely, Maybe

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