Silangang Nayon: Pagbilao, Quezon Province

It was the end of Summer, and we hoped to shipwreck ourselves to Cagbalete, one of the destinations I desired this 2011. However, the weather was bad (a storm was still lingering), so we decided to go to Pagbilao in Quezon Province instead.

This was how we ended up in Silangang Nayon. We wanted to stay in Pueblo por La Playa, however, it turned out to be a private resort. So, we took the next best thing in the area according to the blogs.

Silangang Nayon is actually a popular stop to those headed towards the Bicol region. It is more known for its restaurant, which is situated out to sea. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge.

We've seen a lot of these types of restaurants, so I wondered if it was worth it to stay here. Nevertheless, a lot of people have had praises for this resort, so we decided to stay on.

The food turned out quite good. It was tasty, the way Filipinos want it. The menu was a mixture of Filipino and Chinese food, from grilled dishes to traditional soups. So, you really get a hearty home cooked meal served on a relaxing ambience.

Perhaps the most unique thing about the resort is their method of delivering the food to the floating dining area. It was a flying dumb waiter, well, more on a zip line I guess. The flying waiter was not adorned though with colorful cloth, as shown in other blogs. I guess, they had to strip him down for the storm.

We were a group of 19 people, so we had to book the entire resort for us. The resort seemed to have only 4 rooms. The picture above is a cottage, which we didn't know if could be used as accommodations overnight. The rooms in their small hotel building is basic though, and thus, affordable at P2,500 for 4 people already. The upper level rooms are for 8 people, and costs P4,000 (all with free breakfast!).

Silangang Nayon is a huge resort, and I may not have pictured it here. There are several other nipa huts and function rooms on the cliffside facing the sea. And that's what I like about the resort, everything just faces the sea, which makes a visit here very relaxing indeed.

Silangang Nayon Restaurant and Resort
Call (042) 7160077 or 0922 8867677.

To get here, make your way to Lucena. Go straight the highway, until you reach the Green View Hotel after entering Pagbilao. Turn right (there's a sign of Silangang Nayon as well) and go straight till you see their signage. It's about 6 kilometers from the highway, so don't worry if you think you've travelled far already inland.


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