Loreland: Our Savior

So where did we go after that horrific experience at Casa Ibiza? We left Ibiza and headed straight to a nearby resort, Loreland which was one of the most popular resorts in Antipolo. I was really hesitant at first, but some of my colleagues told me it was nice there.

And so, without any other choice, we followed the signs leading to Loreland Farm Resort. After 10 minutes, we arrived at the resort's big parking lot. I was pleasantly surprised that it was big and quite promising. 

We booked 2 big cottages (P6,000 each) and 2 family rooms (P5,000 each) for the price of P22,000, which was less than what we paid for in Casa Ibiza. And the rooms were big indeed. Even though it wasn't an apartment type, it COULD comfortably fit everyone. So, here we were, finally, settled and satisfied.

I was amazed at how big Loreland was - 8 hectares of land divided into 4 phases or areas. And it wasn't a farm resort. It was more of like Hidden Valley with less nature. But I was also surprised how much nature could be found in this resort. I was expecting more concrete and all, but Loreland has designed the resort in such as way that they blend.

Loreland is your typical Filipino family resort. It has more than 10 swimming pools, a conference hall, a chapel, an events venue, hundreds of cottages and huts, a spa and a hotel building. It doesn't have a lot of rooms, since most of the visitors are here for day tours. People flock here to cook, eat and swim in rented cabanas and nipa huts.

Again, there are more than 10 pools, each having their own character. Some are made for kids, like the one above, complete with a slide.

This one features a floating cabana. It also has a attached jacuzzi.

The Lagoon is one of the farthest pools in the resort. It's an infinity pool overlooking the fields and hillsides of Rizal. It was one of my most favorite spots, since there are a lot of trees surrounding the area.

There is also a cottage that's good for 12 people. It looked quite intimate and I thought was perfect for grill parties. It was also the most private of the cottages we saw, and you even have an infinity pool beside it.

One of the biggest pools, if not the biggest, is the Aplaya. Surrounding the Aplaya are bigger cottages, some with two levels even. The centerpiece is the yacht, where a bar is situated. I can imagine an MTV grind party in this pool.

But there was one place in Loreland that captured my attention - the spa.

The reception of the spa had an outdoor setting. Though simple, it reminded me so much of Sonya's in Tagaytay. You can have some spa services done outdoors with the view of the Antipolo hills.

There was even a jacuzzi and another infinity pool exclusive for spa guests. I just wished they served food in the spa, organic cuisine, since the ambience was that relaxing.

Overall, I was really surprised with Loreland Farm Resort. I knew expected to like a typical Filipino resort because of all my past bad experiences. Loreland was a cut above the rest, a true escape from the city. Who needs to go to Los Banos or to Tagaytay even when Loreland is just 30 minutes away from Ortigas? I must say, I will definitely come back. I just hope there are not a lot of people when I do.

Loreland Farm Resort
Sitio Loreland, Barangay San Roque, Antipolo City
(02) 696-0101 to 03


  1. natry nio yung Camp Tipolo Adventureland? Alam ko extension yun ng Loreland, search mo sa FB may Page sila...


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