The Shangri-la Boracay Experience: Part 1

Last June, a close friend of mine got married in Boracay. I actually recommended him to Asya Premier Suites, so that was where the wedding was held. I was with my daughter who lives in the US, so we decided to splurge for our first night in Shangri-la Boracay. This begins my journey back to Boracay, now older and not really after getting drunk every night (though this still did happen). 

We took a Sea Air flight to Boracay, and were met immediately by a Shangri-la personnel upon stepping foot at the terminal. He asked for our luggage claim stubs, and told us to wait in a reception area shared with Fairways just outside the terminal exit. After waiting for our bags, we rode a shuttle to their reception lounge at the jetty.

After being served some welcome drinks and a refreshing towel, we boarded our speed boat. We were around 10 people in the boat. It took us around 15 minutes to circle the island passing the Bulabog Beach, since the waves in White Beach were quite strong that day.

As a result, we weren't able to dock in the Shangri-la pier, but in the jetty of Fairways and Bluewater. Afterwards, we boarded a shuttle van and drove off to the resort.

Finally, we arrived at the lobby of Shangri-la Boracay. It actually reminded me of Crimson's entrance, where we had to cross a "bridge" to get to the check in areas. A guest relations officer quickly approached us and offered us a seat in one of the lounges. From there, he facilitated our swift check in. He also briefed us on the amenities of the resort. At that time, I was already impressed with their service.

I actually asked my sister to help me book a room in Shangri-la, since she knew people from there. I thought I would be getting a discount. It turned out that local residents automatically can get 50% discounts on published room rates. Hence, this room for one night cost P8,000 (exclusive of taxes and SC).

This was the time my jaw fell. I was actually surprised that the cost of the room was only P8,000. That would be the net rate of a room in Edsa Shang. And I was in Boracay. My jaw dropped when I entered the room, which was the run of the house already.

Is this what you call a standard room? Or a superior room? Yes, it had a terrace, opening up to a garden, and not having views of the sea. This was after all a Garden View room.

In comparison, Cebu's Crimson costs P6,500 nett while Shangri-la in Mactan costs P8,000 nett at a promo rate. This was a little more expensive, but the room was newer, more spacious and more beautiful.

Even though I had no sweeping views, the room opened up to a garden, with 2 day beds and a small dining table.

I walked to the garden and looked back at the hotel building. I was still highly satisfied with what I got. I wasn't expecting this. I ran back inside and told my daughter to gear up in a swim suit. If this was the room, what would the pool look like? Or the even the beach? More to come next...


  1. what do you mean with local residents? locals of bora or the philippines?

  2. I really love the scenic view of Boracay.I was actually thinking of staying in Shangri-la Boracay for days this coming November with my family. And with what I've read in your blog, I think staying there is worth the money. I am indeed so satisfied. By the way, How about the food? Is it deliciozo? thanks so much for sharing.


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