The Shangri-la Boracay Experience: Part 2

We took too long in our lovely room so we pushed ourselves to explore the all-inclusive resort. We wore our swim suits and headed straight for the beach area. As soon as we left the room, we were greeted by their friendly personnel who was fixing the other room. I asked for the fastest way to get to the beach.

Shangri-la Boracay was indeed a great resort. The interiors were Asian inspired with Filipino touches, meaning Balinese or Thai with Filipino materials. There was water everywhere from fountains to ponds that line up the hallways.

Finally, we made our way outside. The landscaping was perfect. There were still a lot of coconut trees that provided shade.

Then, we got to the pool. I was more excited with the beach, but when I saw this pool, I just wanted to own one pool lounge and sleep there.

This is definitely one of the most beautiful pools I have seen. It was huge, expansive and yet, very intimate. Because of its odd shape, you get pockets of water that you can enjoy in private. Oh, and it was an infinity pool.

I couldn't stop taking pictures. It reminded me of an oversized Sofitel pool, with more coconut trees. Azul, one of the resort's restaurants also seems to float by the pool.

We made it to the beach, but I'll be talking about that in my next entry.

Scattered between the villas and the pool area was a coconut tree garden filled with irresistible hammocks. The lawn was so inviting as well, I wished there were mats to lie down on.


The P8,000++ room we got came with breakfast, so again, it's really a steal, especially after seeing the selection of food in Vinta. A must try is their homemade yogurt. Ask them to prepare for you a strawberry yogurt. They use plain flavored yogurt and mix it with fruits and luscious syrup. Yummy!

Shangri-la Boracay is truly a world-class resort. We toured the resort and discovered that one can do a lot of things other than lounging by the beach and pool. There was of course Adventure Zone which can also be found in Shang Mactan (the one in the latter was better though).

I also wanted to have dinner in their best restaurant, and I was pointed to Rima - their Italian restaurant.

 The ambience was stunning. It was located on a hillside overlooking the resort. You don't see much of a view though since it was night time. And the weird thing is, they only open during the night.

The food was a title disappointing though, as some of the dishes were under seasoned. I like this tower of appetizers though.

Shangri-la Boracay also has an entertainment center, which houses their game room. There are two billiard tables that you can use for free.

Aside from having high speed internet consoles and a game room that features wii and xbox consoles, they also three basketball arcade games and a pingpong table. We spent more than an hour in this place. My arms felt sore after doing hoops for 10 consecutive times.

Of course, there is also the gym and as you can see, it's another spacious amenity. I was so tempted to run on their treadmills, but I didn't have any rubber shoes with me.

In the changing areas, you will find a sauna, a steam bath, and a jacuzzi.

There was also this small exhibit on Marine Conservation. It was a permanent room in the hotel that is located beside the gym.

Shangri-la Boracay is indeed a packed resort. It is world-class and probably the first of its kind in the Philippines. It really feels like those international resorts in Bali's Nusa Dua. Even Shangri-la Mactan doesn't come close to the look and feel.

So, I'm down with Part II that features the resort's amenities. My next post will be on the beaches so stay tuned!


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