Avalon Beach Club

I was already on my way back to Tuguegarao from Cagayan Holiday, but it seemed that Sta. Ana wasn't ready to leave me. Around 10 minutes from Cagayan Holiday, we passed a resort that looked very promising from the outside. I told the driver to stop so we can take a look. The sign read: Avalon Beach Club.

Now, the name may not be descriptive of anything in the area, nor did it sound Filipino, but once we entered the resort, we knew we were in for another surprise. Yes, another one. And I think you will be amazed as well with these pictures.

I immediately likened the place to Kahuna Beach Resort in La Union, another favorite of mine. When you enter, you'd immediately feel that this was a special place, not your typical beach resort. The Avalon Beach Club is owned by an Australian who married a Filipino. They were very accommodating when we arrived, and toured us around their property.

The Avalon Beach Club is the newest resort to open in the Sta. Ana area, and is nearer the entrance arch of the Special Economic Zone. It had 9 rooms, all with private verandas across well manicured gardens. I was really amazed at how well kept the place was. The landscaping rivalled those in 5-star resorts. 

The rooms had a traditional design, though the structure was modern. Its interiors didn't strike me as much, but it did had a homey feel which to me, mattered a lot. The rooms were spacious and very well lit with natural light. The rooms cost more than the average though for this area, from P2,800 to P3,200 a night, but with this comfort and ambience, I think the cost is justified.

The resort didn't have a pool yet, which may be a disappointment to some visitors, since most of the popular resorts in Sta. Ana already have one. But Ross, the owner, was already planning to build one soon. There is also a restaurant on site, which is becoming a popular hang out as well.

But even though it lacks in amenities, the Avalon Beach Club has a certain charm and atmosphere that will lure you in and settle down indefinitely. It has a very laid back ambience that tempts you to grab a beer and lounge in one of beach huts. 

Again, similar to the beach in Cagayan Holiday, the shoreline was empty and clean. The water on the bay was sparkling and calm. The sun was already beginning to set, so the seascape was beginning to mesmerize. We continued to chat and have drinks by the bar without noticing the time. It's that kind of feeling that Avalon Beach Club offers, something that this part of the world is an expert in. 


Avalon Beach Club
Sta. Ana, Cagayan Valley
+63 927 940 4764

Ambience: 3
Rooms: 2.5
Service : 2.5
Facilities: 2
Dining: 3
Over-all Experience: 3
IE Score: 2.6 (Fair)


  1. pangyaman pero ndi white sand noh?

  2. i love the bed pole! grrrr nanggigigil ako haha. cagayan is an elusive fantasy of a province for me kasi i never got the chance to even think about it for anything except noong in communication pa ako with an old friend na taga Tugegarao.

    1. Sta. Ana is really one of my favorite places, since it's empty and isolated, yet with facilities and landscapes that are amazing.


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