The Other Resort inside Cagayan Holiday

If you enter the Cagayan Holiday Resort, you will notice a wall that makes vehicles turn towards the reception area. I was a bit curious what was beyond the wall. When I was walking back our room, I noticed a small gate that opened to a verdant garden. I inconspicuously entered the gate and discovered a different resort. 

It wasn't actually a resort, but was a clubhouse of the Philippine Game Fishing Federation. It was not part of the Cagayan Holiday Resort, although the place measured up.

There were budget accommodations in the clubhouse, but these were far from the usual budget rooms you get in the Philippines. This six-bed room cost only P2,200 and it was clean, spotless and functional. The bath was spacious and comparable to other more expensive resorts in the area. I was really surprised with the rooms. I can imagine barkadas staying here. 

There was even a pool that overlooked the sea. The sprawling garden was perfect for barbecue picnics. Just stay under one of the palm trees that lined up the edge of the garden. And did I say the resort was directly in front of the beach? 

There is also an open covered space for functions of course. You don't have a any restaurant here, but the clubhouse is open to bringing food and even cooking. They actually encourage you to cook your own feast here. And it is the best way to spend time here. 

The PGFF clubhouse at Cagayan Holiday was another surprise to me. Sta. Ana keeps on shocking me with new places. I also went back to Jotay's for dinner, and the resort now has a pool as well. What stood out in PGFF was its wide open layout that gives the place a very relaxing atmosphere perfect for families and friends.


I wasn't able to get the contact details of the clubhouse, but it is inside the Cagayan Holiday Resort.


  1. This is so nice place and beautiful beach resorts, I really like the ambiance of this place. Thank you for sharing your post.

  2. It is a great place for relaxation.


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