Beautiful Bantayan

I went to Bantayan about 2 or 3 years ago, without knowing anything much on it. I went there alone after a meeting in Cebu. I stayed overnight at a simple resort that had nice cottages. It wasn't the peak season, so it seemed that I was the only visitor in the island, sans some foreigners. There were no restaurants where I went, and had to eat in roadside stalls that sold nice chicken inasal at P20 each. I think I ate 3 pieces and 2 cups of rice. Anyway, I couldn't remember much of the trip, so I'm just posting some of the pictures that I took using a point and shoot camera.

Bantayan Island is 3 hours North of Cebu City. Bantayan is a popular island getaway especially for Cebuanos. They call it their Boracay (like everyone does with their nice beaches). But it does remind you of Boracay, with powder white sand and a beach that continues on (not straight though like Boracay). The beach goes around the medium sized island. There are a lot of resorts to choose from as well. You can just find one when you are there. Take a minivan to the port of Maya where you can ferry your way to the island. Take a trike to the resort of your choice. Sorry, but forgot all details. So go out, and explore!


  1. i just arrived from Cebu. and truly bantayan is something we can be very proud of.

  2. what resort did you stay in?


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