Serenity in Sumilon

After Bantayan and Malapascua of Northern Cebu, I had to go South. We were supposed to go to Moalboal, but I missed my turn and headed straight to the Southern most end of Cebu, the town of Oslob where you get off to get to Sumilon Island, privately owned by the Maribago Blue Water Group.

Sumilon Island is another small island that is nearer to Dumagete in Negros Oriental than Cebu City. In fact, it will only take you an hour and a half by ferry to go to Oslob from Dumagete. So this is one option to take if you do wnat to go to this island.

I must admit, I was hesitant in going here because it was privately owned and a bit on the luxury side. I was scared that it won't be as peaceful as I want my beach experiences to be. Though a bit pricey when you see it in brochures (P7k a night), all of this will go away once you're there. Sumilon Blue Water Resort has a port in the mainland where two rooms can also be found. The rooms here are priced lower, at 4,000 pesos a night. I wasn't able to make any reservations, and so, when we got there, the island was fully booked. So we opted to stay in the mainland rooms. Actually, the decision turned out to be the right one, as we were the only ones in the mainland portion, giving us the luxury of privacy. It was like having your own villa for half the island price (so that's a tip if you're really budgeting). You just have to return sometime in the early evening via the resort's boat. The resort offers great packages as well, that comes with free lunch and breakfast, so it was really worth it.

Sumilon Island is a gem in Cebu. It is a lone island in a marine sanctuary. There are several dive spots and house reefs around the island. Being tiny, you can trek around the island in less than an hour. There is a great infinity pool near the restaurant. There is also a lagoon where fresh water fish abound. You can hike up the island to reach a lighthouse that gives impressive views of the island and Southern Cebu. Finally, there are two main beaches, one having a huge shifting sandbar of fine white sand. You could tuck yourself away in one of the coves. The other beach is near the lagoon, where most of the house reefs are located. You can even take a glass bottom boat ride if you're not into snorkeling.

Sumilon Island is a surprise. It is worth every peso spent. There are no crowds as there are only 13 rooms I think in the island. You get near perfect weather all year round. There are numerous choices for water activities. It is the ultimate getaway. Sumilon Island is indeed gorgeous and serene.

Ambience: 4.5
Rooms: 3
Service: 4.5
Facilities: 4.5
Dining: 4
Over-all Experience: 4.5
IE Score: 4.16 (Excellent)


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