Northern Luzon Speed Tour

We were in Tuguegarao for work, and had to catch a plane to Manila, but the only flight available was in Laoag. So, were decided to take an entire day driving from Tuguegarao to Laoag, stopping by popular spots on the way.

Our first stop were the Callao Caves in Cagayan, just less than an hour from Tuguegarao. The Callao Caves had a chapel inside, which made it unique and interesting. A young boy presented himself to us as a guide. The kid spoke to us in English, which was nice. He said he had to because he usually takes in foreigners. We traversed through the 7 passable chambers which were all huge. Though plain, it was still fun to trek down the cave and see the light pass through the cracks on the surface.

We then continued our journey. The road to Laoag was smooth. Cagayan province looked the same from town to town. The scenery changed when we reached the northern coast of Luzon. After seeing the Cordilleras from a distance, we arrived at Ilocos Norte.

The view was impressive. Amazing in fact. The Patapat viaduct seemed to have transported us to a different place. The air was cool and the roaring splash of waves on the rocky coast was soothing to hear. it made me just want to get off the van and run to a spot on the cliff and reflect.

Highlights of the speed tour included a visit down to the Bangui Windmills and Saud Beach in Pagudpud. The Bangui Windmills were a photo op treat. We also passed by the town center of Pagupud, visiting Saud Beach Resort to check out the scene. The pictures show the massive beach front and the open sea that seems to stretch forever. You are truly on the edge.

We ended up in Laoag Airport 30 minutes before our flight to Manila that would connect us to Cebu for another event. We were so engrossed with the road trip that we forgot about the time. Well, this shows how much fun road trips can be.


  1. hi. have you gone to blue lagoon/ maira ira beach in ilocos? its passed pagudpud. check out my blog. i have pictures there. its called the boracay of the north also. you will love it;)


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