Alona Tropical Beach Resort, Panglao, Bohol

My choice of resort in Alona Beach has got to be Alona Tropical.

We spent a night in a fan room that was facing the beach for only P1,100. Yes, that was a prime beach front location. Its patio had a great view of Alona Beach.

Panglao has a lot of luxury and exclusive resorts like Eskaya, so Alona Tropical is a relatively inexpensive option. The aircon rooms range from P2,500 to P4,000, depending on the size.

We were really surprised that the fan rooms faced the beach. I was told that these three fan rooms were the first rooms of Alona Tropical, and had sentimental value already. But I also heard that they were tearing them down soon to give way to a Presidential Villa, complete with a private pool. I wanted to convince them not to destroy their old fan rooms, but business was still business.

What I liked about our bargain room is that we could use all the facilities. Alona Tropical had a huge pool, and landscaped gardens that made the resort so relaxing. But what I really liked about the resort was their friendly and attentive staff. They were so pleasant and accommodating, that they really made you feel at home. That's top notch service that deserves a huge unsolicited tip.

We took the ferry back to Cebu at 2PM. Our short trip to Bohol was a teaser indeed. I wanted to see more of the island, that already has a great tourism infrastructure. I applaud the government of Bohol for the booming tourism industry in the island. I just hope the they don't discount the responsibility that goes along with development.


  1. hi!!! we are planning to go to you have a contact number of Alona Tropical?

  2. nice review! i'm also inlove with bohol. we've been there almost every year just to relax and unwind... also try dumaluan beach resort and bohol beach club. =) for me, the beach there is waaay better than the resorts found in alona beach.


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