The Loboc River and Tarsiers

We descended from the Chocolate Hills, and realized it was too late to tour the other attractions of Bohol. So, we tried our luck in seeing the tarsiers near the Loboc River.

When we arrived, the tarsier sanctuary was closed already, so we tried to talk to the caretakers to let us in for a while. We agreed to pay a higher than average price (P100) to have a glimpse of the world's smallest monkeys.

We were surprised that we were allowed to hold the tarsiers! I knew it wasn't allowed, but since we were a special case (meaning no other tourists), the caretakers let out the furry little creatures and let us take pictures of them while they were in our arms. We took so long taking pictures, and I guess some of the tarsiers got stressed. I was even bitten by one, but it was just a shallow bite.

The Loboc River was beautiful at dusk. It looked so mysterious and alluring. The sun has set, so we headed our way back to check-in in Alona Tropical Beach Resort in Panglao.

NOTE: On the way back, we passed by the Loboc River Park Entrance, hoping to just have a traditional Filipino dinner onboard a boat. We were amazed at how the Loboc River transformed into a wonderland with all the colorful lights that adorned its banks. However, it rained so hard all of a sudden, so we were forced to retreat to our van. So take note: the Loboc River is a whole new experience at night.


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