The Ferry To Bohol

I never thought getting into Bohol would be this easy. Sure, I've heard from most Cebuanos that it's just two hours away by boat. Some of my other friends say you can even do just a day trip to Bohol and be back in Cebu by night time.

Bohol has been an elusive destination for me. I've been meaning to go for so long. Unfortunately, all my planned trips to Bohol get messed up. So, one day, while in Cebu, we decided to be spontaneous and head for Bohol, just to spend one night. Our trip started by going to the Supercat terminal in Cebu (near SM City).

The ferry terminal was efficient, and had ample security. It actually felt like an old airport. There are 3 to 4 ferry companies going to Bohol, and Supercat is just one of them. I heard they have the best fleet. Weesam is the next best thing.

I was surprised to see a modern catamaran, much like the ones used in the Macau-HK link. And this one was quite new. We got business class tickets (P850 one way), because the economy seats (P500 one way) were sold out. So, as a tip, book your tickets in advance, especially on weekends. They also have a promo return fare for only P300. More detail and schedules can be found in their website,

And so this after an hour waiting (our ferry departed at 1:00 PM), we found our comfortable seats on the second level of the ferry. Safety videos were shown, and then the cabin crew offered us some snacks (for business class only). The ride was pretty smooth, and I instantly dozed off. I woke up with the catamaran slowing down, approaching the port of Tagbilaran in Bohol.

*The ferry to Bohol is a bit expensive, around P800 roundtrip for economy. You may want to check direct flights to Tagbiliran from Manila, though they usually cost more than flights from Cebu. Just do your math, and see where you can save more.


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