We were supposed to have a light dinner and some drinks in Olio, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Cebu. But as we got down our van, a new imposing restaurant caught my sight. The sign said, Maya.

Maya is a Mexican fine dining restaurant in Crossroads in Banilad. The place doesn't look like your typical bright Mexican restaurant. it was modern and ancient at the same time, owing its design to the great Mayan civilization of Mexico.

You would be surprised that Maya is actually not that expensive, for a place looking so upscale. It is owned by the same people who put up Abaca in Mactan (soon in another post). The prices range from P120 to P400 only. If it were in Manila, the prices would definitely be higher.

We weren't there to eat dinner, since we just had lechon from CNT. So we ordered appetizers and some drinks. The one below is called Volcanes (grilled tortillas with cheese and salsa roja, P125). It was a volcanic dish indeed, as it was hot and spicy.

We also ordered Cheese Quesedillas (P185) which is my regular order in any Mexican restaurant. Theirs were above average, as the quesedilla was soft and the cheese overflowing. Yummy!

I'm really getting hungry now. I was drinking one of my favorite beers, Corona, so I paired it with crispy nachos (P95) with guacamole and salsa sauces.

We also got Empanadas (chorizo and potato stuffed pastries) , which I really didn't taste that much, since I was already full. But I heard that it was also good. It looked so stuffed.

Finally, we had one of the best churros I have ever tasted. The dark chocolate dip was perfect and the pastry dipped in sugar and cinnamon.

Maya is gaining popularity in Cebu, and I've heard it's the next hotspot for the Cebu social elite. It becomes a bar at night, and the mood is very chill out. I like hanging out here, as it is not uptight, yet very upscale.

So, when in Cebu, drop by Maya in Crossroads in Banilad. I highly recommend the place for a satisfying dining experience - inspiring ambience, delicious food and good vibes from drinking the night away.


  1. Thanks, very informative post. I'll check out the place with my friends next week..(La Mesa Elite Club)


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