The Dolphin House: Moalboal, Cebu

Moalboal is my Tagaytay in Cebu. If I use ant to escape the city, I usually end up driving here. Though it doesn't have the best beaches in Cebu, I love the vibe of the entire place. I have already featured Club Serena and Ravenala in the past. Now, let's take a look at another gem of Moalboal - The Dolphin House.

The Dolphin House is located at the Bas Daku area, but it's not part of the shoreline. So it really is in between Bas Daku and Diot. But you take the road to Bas Daku to get here.

The property is huge, and when you enter its gates, gardens of green await you. The resort is tropical in design and the rooms are in detached chalets. I love these types of resorts, wherein the rooms are spread out in garden paths.

There is a pool but it doesn't look too inviting. It looked old, but it is still pretty decent. There are plastic pool lounges lined up by one side.

The restaurant is bright and airy. It is actually the heart of the resort. It looked vibrant and can get busy during the peak season. Some drop by just to eat here, and all the guests dine here since there is no other nearby option.

The best part of the resort is the coastline. Even though the Dolphin House doesn't have a swimmable beach, the views of the sea were fantastic. There was a jetty that was perfect for picture taking. 

There is also an outdoor spa where one can get a soothing massage in a garden setting. I was so tempted to get one, but we didn't have time to do so.

The Dolphin House is primarily a dive resort, so it has its own dive shop and its guests are mostly those underwater explorers. Their guests are mostly foreigners, some of whom are even long staying. 

The Dolphin House may not be luxurious, but I really loved its relaxing charm. We sipped cocktails in a cabana overlooking the calm sea. The coral reefs were visible from where we were, and I could just only imagine what it would be like to dive or snorkel in this area. The Dolphin House was another great find in Cebu, and I couldn't wait to go back here - probably stay for a week to do NOTHING.


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