Flat Rock Suites at Long Street

Long Street is known in Cape Town as a bohemian hang out and a venue for arts and culture. With its Victorian buildings with wrought iron balconies, Long Street is charming and has a very diverse selection of restaurants, cafes, bookstores and shops.

It's not a long street though, and one can easily walk it from end to end. It is located in the City Bowl area, hence it is in the city center. Some office buildings are located at the streets parallel to it.

I admired the eclectic art that dressed up facades of buildings. They looked so vibrant and gives character to an otherwise normal Cape Town street.

It was our last two nights in South Africa, so we decided to book an apartment style accommodation. Hence, we ended up in Flat Rock Suites, just off Long Street.

We have stayed at almost all types of accommodations in South Africa, from chalets, to country farm guesthouses, to a villa in a vineyard, a boutique hotel and now, an apartment.

It was a good choice to end our trip here, since we had a lot of packing to do as well. We needed space, and well, the accommodation that was given to us was again upgraded to a 2-bedroom apartment.

It was just like my condo back in Manila, only bigger, since it had two bedrooms. Lizzy and I, of course, occupied just one. 

The place was huge, and even had a complete kitchen and a laundry. We washed all of our clothes and hung them to dry in a balcony. Talk about preparing to go home.

We relaxed on our last two nights in Cape Town. We went to the supermarket to buy ingredients since we wanted to cook dinner. We even rented out DVDs in a local video store. We watched 3 movies that night. It really felt like home and it made it more difficult for us to leave this wonderful city.


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