Table Mountain

The most popular attraction of Cape Town is its heart - Table Mountain. When we entered Cape Town, I was struck with awe at the sight of the mountain. It was impressive, imposing and calming at the same time. Cape Town is built around the Table Mountain, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

We were lucky that the day was quite clear when we drove up to the park entrance. Sometimes, Table Mountain has a cover (table cover as they call it) of thin clouds that block the view of the city from the top.

We rode up the high speed cable car up to the summit. There are only 2 cable cars operating, but each can accommodate up to 65 people. The ride was around 5 minutes long, and the floor of the cable car rotated to provide 360 degree views.

The view from the top was breathtaking as expected. At one point, you can see the 12 Apostles lined up all the way to the end of the cape. On the other side, you will see Signal Hill and Cape Town in all its glory. The Cape Town Stadium at City Bowl was standing out in the urban landscape.

You can also see all of Cape Town's beaches from above, from Camps Bay all the way to the northern beaches. Robben Island can also be viewed from here.

The summit was a national park and one can trek the rugged top. It was hot but windy. We spent an hour going around, following the trails.

We eventually found ourselves back to the cableway entrance. We had lunch in the restaurant and bought some souvenirs in the shop.

Table Mountain is an icon and Cape Town would never be the same without it. Trekking its jagged peak was an exhilarating experience and the views were some of the most breathtaking I have seen - mountains, oceans and one of the most inspiring cities of the world.


  1. wow! it must have been such a fulfilling and amazing experience to see the glory of table mountain.


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