DysArt Hotel: Cape Town

As mentioned in my previous entry, we checked in our Agoda booked hotel at 6:30PM. There was still sun over Cape Town as we had an hour before sunset. We booked a hotel the night before, so we really didn't know where it was. Finally, after some navigating using GPS, we made it to our hotel. To our surprise, the hotel didn't allow children. They politely declined us, and even offered to help look for a replacement. I was quite pissed, because I was already tired. But since they were kind enough, we tried to look for a nearby hotel. That was how we ended up in Dys Art Boutique Hotel.

That was a long intro, but I was happy that we got kicked out of our previous hotel (I don't even remember the name). We made it into Dys Art, and was met by the owner of the boutique hotel who personally led us to our room.

We were pleasantly surprised again that we have been upgraded. It really pays to book at the last minute, and arrive late. We were led in the only room that opens up to the pool area. Well, there were only 7 rooms I think in the entire property, so I guess, this was the best one.

It had a spacious bath as well, that reminded me of Abaca's for some reason. The room was not as huge compared to those we stayed in, but the entire property was small anyway.

The pool deck also had an outdoor dining area. The water in the pool was freezing though, so it was useless at that time. We had our breakfast for the next two days in this cozy area.

It was really difficult to book a room that day in Cape Town, so we were thankful that we still managed to snatch a nice boutique room in a hotel tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We chose Dys Art for its boutique-ness as well, since we haven't stayed in a design hotel during our entire trip.

And I was impressed with the design. It was homey and had the feeling I was living in an art gallery. Though quite expensive, Dys Art was charming and provided us with the relaxing stay that we needed. It was our last 4 days in South Africa after all. 


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