Gumemela Villas: Boracay

Let's take a step back for a while and fly back to one of the best beaches in the world that is found here in our country. I've spent a reasonable amount of time in Boracay this year, and what follows are the accommodations that I've stayed in for almost a period of a month. Let's start off with the lesser known side of Boracay, Bulabog beach.

It was my first time to stay in Bulabog, which was surprisingly just a 5 minute easy walk from Budget Mart in D'Mall. That's even closer to the center of Boracay than staying in Station 1 or 3.

So, you still are close to the heart of the action in Boracay, but still can have that quiet peace that Bulabog beach offers. Plus, you get to have a different beach that come monsoon season, is filled with kite surfers.

It is also the first time for me to stay in a serviced apartment in Boracay. We were lucky to find Gumamela Villas as we were searching for a place to stay in Bulabog. 

Gumamela Villas is located beside The Lazy Dog, another popular bed and breakfast in Bulabog beach. It is also beside the entrance of 7 Stones. Just 25 steps away is the beachfront already. 

Gumamela has 4 apartments for rent, but it also has around 4 rooms in another separate building. The cost for the apartment that can fit 6 people is P5,000 to P6,000 depending on your negotiation skills. The apartment comes with a living area, a full sized kitchen and a dining table.

The apartments' layout are different from each other. What we got had a room on the second floor and an attic where other people can sleep in. The attic though was a bit stuffy, so we didn't use it. They set up mattresses on the floor to accommodate 6 people.

As I've mentioned, Gumamela also has separate rooms with individual terraces each. As you can see below, it more looks like a studio unit, and it also comes with a kitchen and a dining area. This will cost you only P2,500, which I think is of great value.

What I liked most about Gumamela is its courtyard that had a pool at the center. Some guests here are long staying already (say renting for a year). The pool is very refreshing and fronts the huge garden space that makes Gumamela a very relaxing place.

Gumamela is now a top choice for me in Boracay, especially when I'm travelling with friends and on a budget. I was really surprised how easy it was to get to Station 2 from here and how I can enjoy Bulabog beach as well. I was more happy to see that Cyma has a beach shack located nearby as well. 

So if you are looking for an alternative in Boracay, and tired from the hustle and bustle of White Beach, look towards the north, and stay in Gumamela Villas in Bulabog. You'll come home without knowing you are in Boracay. 

Ambience: 2
Rooms: 2.5
Service: 2
Facilities: 2
Dining: none so not counted
Over-all Experience: 3
IE Score: 2.3 (Fair)


  1. iba ung architectural design parang sa japan

    1. Well, not really, but it does use some Japanese elements to make it homey.

  2. Maganda pala ang design nito sa loob ah. I knew someone who stayed here, but never really had a chance to visit the place. That's indeed a good value for money if you're travelling in a group. Thanks for the tip, RJ.

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