The Velassaru Maldives: Deluxe Bungalow

As I've said, I never left my villa till the next day for breakfast. Good things must come to an end, and as soon as I was ready, I told the reception that I will be moving to my more affordable deluxe bungalow.

And good thing I did. I was having separation anxiety with my villa, but as soon as I stepped into the door of my bungalow, I immediately shook it off. Priced at around USD 270, this was one of the best bargains one can get in the Maldives.

First off, the bungalow was more of a loft. I had a separate living area, with another LCD TV. The room was around 70 square meters in size, so it's huge enough for what you are paying for. Even the veranda outside was very comfortable as it had a sofa.

The bed was similar to my villa and faced another LCD TV. The work desk was overlooking the entire room, which I thought had a good position. 

The bathroom was also spacious, and was half outdoors. I was worried that there would be insects coming in, but there weren't any. It wasn't as luxurious compared to the villa, but at least it had that outdoor feel. There was also another shower indoors for those iffy about taking a shower outside.

Over-all, I loved my bungalow, which was also a few steps (say 10 steps) from the beach. I do recommend this over the Beach Bungalow, which was supposedly on the beachfront. But the beach was only 10 steps away, so paying for that extra privilege is not worth it.

And here, I end my first Maldivian experience. The Velassaru is the perfect resort for a first timer to the Maldives. Though I knew that it wasn't as luxurious as what the other more established resort chains offers (Shangri-La, Conrad, etc.), I was completely satisfied with my stay here.

As I watched the sunset during my last day in the Maldives, waiting for my boat ride back to the airport, I promised to myself that this won't be the last. True enough, I found myself back in the islands 2 months after. You had me Maldives, you had me at hello. 


  1. Looks like everything is fantastic in Velassaru Maldives. Bespoke pampering, post card sceneries, truly a luxury on its own.


  2. Sorry for disturbing you.
    Reading your post makes me hyper then ever.
    I have been dreaming of this trip for so long, but the price really bangs me on the chest.
    Can you please let me know if the price " $270" you mentioned in the post is the one you bargained at the reception or the booked price?
    This price gave me a shock.
    If the price is real, this post really completes me.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing such that great experience.


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