Off to a New Unnamed Destination!

This is my first time to start off a series with an unnamed blog entry. I am just so excited to write about this place, especially that I have been back here twice this year. So, let the suspense build up as I begin my adventure - in this airport lounge.

As you can see, this is no ordinary airport lounge, since I am traveling business class! And guess what, this ticket only cost me 250 USD from the most recent country of origin (which is actually a give away already).

After flying over endless blue waters, I finally begin to see this patch of land. Wait, it looked more like a city in a tiny island! All those buildings packed in a small patch of land in the middle of the sea!

I landed in an airport and after a quick immigration stop and baggage claim, I finally made it outside. I was greeted by a personnel from the resort I would be staying in. I followed him excitedly to what it seemed like a pier just beside the airport.

I found myself boarding a yacht which was outfitted with luxurious fittings. There were only two other guests who boarded that yacht.

It was cool and comfortable inside, but hey, I was in a yacht, and I just wanted to see the sea. So I stepped outside as the vessel zoomed its way out to the azure sea.

We passed by the city on that tiny island I saw on the plane. But we moved further out, and then after around 15 minutes, we saw some smaller islands dotting the horizon.

More and more islands came out, and we passed by a couple of them. Some of these resorts had over water villas! Then I was told that we were finally approaching the resort.

The yacht slowed down and eventually turned its engine off. We drifted closer towards a wooden jetty with smiling people eager to greet me.

Friends, welcome to the Velassaru Resort and Spa, in the amazing Maldives.


  1. Your travels are always the topnotch best! :) what business are you into for you to always travel in luxury? ;) hehe

  2. I just have my own business, but this year, I will be entering the travel industry. Excited! Consider myself lucky!


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