The Velassaru Maldives: Water Villa

I booked a water villa for one night, since this will truly cap my Maldivian luxury experience. I mean, you go to the Maldives for these types of accommodations, which is what made the country land in every travel bucket list. So it's easy to imagine when I was upgraded to water pool villa.

I was escorted to the bridges that led to my villa. It was quite a walk, around 3 minutes from the beach, passing by other water villas. Mine was almost at the end, beside the grandest Water Suite (think Presidential Villa). 

I was given a butler which is I think the standard already in the Maldives. He was telling me all sorts of stories on how the Maldives was built. I was surprised that 20 years ago, there was just only 1 island resort in the country - the Kurumba, which is also one of my choices. But since the Kurumba was more family oriented, I decided to choose otherwise. 

As soon as I entered the villa, my mouth was already open. My eyes were immediately drawn towards the view from my bed. It wasn't a very luxurious rooms, with high standard fittings, but the villa had a very exclusive feel.

My butler kept on showing me the amenities of the villa while I involuntarily nodded my headed. There was an extensive mini bar, a Nespresso machine, a fruit basket and even a bottle of wine compliments of the resort. I was too spoiled.

I then moved into the walk in closet that led to the bright bathroom. It also had access to the terrace where two sun loungers and even a day bed were idly waiting for me to occupy them. From the terrace, there were steps leading down to the open sea, so you could just snorkel off your villa.

I settled in the villa and couldn't stop taking pictures. I lay on the loungers while the sun was still high. Afterwards, I did some snorkeling and saw saw many fishes of different colors and sizes - and I wasn't even going further away from my villa.

I rose up to take a dip at he plunge pool which was a bit disappointing because of the size. It was also set on a corner, so it wasn't just in front of the sun loungers or in the center of the villa like most I have stayed in.

But then again, who cares whether the villa was not perfect. The Maldives puts on a show that beats any man made wonder. As I took a dip in my private plunge pool, I watched the sun set from the horizon, with colorful fish as my company. And to cap it off, I even saw a dolphin jump out of the water from afar. Now, that was the time I thought I was already in a dream. 

With a glass of whiskey on hand, I continued to marvel at the beauty of the Maldivian sea and sun. The villa I was in was only there to heighten the sensation. And yes, it's the kind of villa that keeps you locked inside. And true enough, I never left it till the next day.


  1. Beautiful Velassaru. Stunning Maldives. All picture perfect. Can't wait for my turn :)


  2. wow.. very well travelled! would love to be here!! :)

  3. can i ask what your job is? my you've travelled whole lot places :) -mj

  4. I jut run my own business so I can the freedom of time to travel. But I will be entering the travel industry soon. Watch out for it!

  5. The butler service, the secluded villa, the crystal-clear waters, the beautiful sunset, and all that amazing amenities in your Maldives holiday define luxury at its peak. Thanks for blogging about your water villa Maldives experience.

  6. WOW!

    Please tell us more about the range of expense in Maldives.

    1. Be ready to shell out USD1,000 a night for villas. The Vela has nice bungalows at USD300 a night. Food costs USD30 per person per meal! Very expensive indeed. I spent nearly USD2000 just for myself in this trip! No flights!


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