Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MB's Tavern

I have so many backlog reports on Cebu, and am gonna try to start writing with this restaurant. Tucked in a corner of a small road in Mactan, Cebu, you really wouldn't notice the place, even though the outside has a lot of lights. You would think that MB's Tavern Restaurant and European Deli Shop is more of a beer joint, than a place that serves some nice comfort food.

MB's Tavern has a simple menu, some of which include German dishes (I am assuming the owner is German). But people go here for the pizza...worth P230 only for 14 inches and good by the way (I was worried it would taste like Greenwich, but they were so generous with mozzarella cheese).

But the highlight was this...something they call Pizza Sketti.

Pizza Sketti is not pizza at all, but spaghetti baked on huge flat claypot. The claypot resembles the crust of a pizza as you can see. This dish was P245, big enough for 6 to 8 people. We were four that night, and we couldn't even finish half of the dish. And it tasted good. They mixed in sausages as well, giving more flavor to the dish. And all these for only P245.

Imagine, our bill was only P600, with an appetizer and 4 iced teas. I was really happy since the pizza and spaghetti both satisfied my craving for comfort food.

MB's Tavern, Restaurant and European Deli Shop is located at Basak, Kagodoy, Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan Cebu. Coming from Cebu City from the old bridge to Mactan, just go straight that long road to the beach resorts, and you will see a sign of MB's Tavern. You turn left on a road and it's just around the first corner. They also sell bread, wine and deli items. And, there's a beer garden upstairs. Yes, all in one place.


  1. do you have a take out numbers? can u tell me pls.

  2. no i don't have sorry.



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