The Beauty of Baler

Since we were technically in Aurora for work, we only spent a night here. So the most I could savor was the beach of Baler. We arrived on a strip by the coast that had very few resorts/hotels. One of them was a new one, called Bahia de Baler. It didn't have a beach front though.

We were brought to Bay's Inn. I thought the name of the place was Basin when it was mentioned to me. It was the most popular resort here. I was told there was a resort on top of a cliff at the edge of the bay.

Bay's Inn was a quaint beach resort, something you would expect in Aurora. The rooms were old but decent. There were better, newer rooms at the building where the reception area is. We opted to stay nearest to the beach.

It had a pleasant terrace where I spent some hours working while hearing the loud yet soothing crashes of waves on the shore.
Baler Bay was actually a long stretch, so long I was so tempted to walk or jog back and forth. But since I had no time, I just walked on the beach in front and tried to submerge my feet on the black fine sand.

The waves were not that high, but they were strong. As night came, the sound even became louder. The locals told me that I could surf in the morning, which is the best time to hit the waves.

There were a lot of surfers, of course, but mostly local. Well, probably because I was there after Ondoy and Pepeng. But Baler really had that surfer vibe.

It was that vibe that made the place very charming and peaceful. The beach was relatively clean, which was contrary to what I have been hearing. I hope the local government really implement rules on tourism development that would protect the beauty of Baler Bay.

Because Baler, Aurora is a serene place, a place that will make you feel really far away from the madness of the city. Mountains, beaches, rice fields, small towns, unpaved's as provincial as provincial can get.

And with some of the most friendly people I have ever met, Baler and even Aurora can become more than just a surfer's paradise. It could become a great escape.


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