The Road to Aurora Province

Ondoy destroyed some of our work in the office, and some of them were tapes brought by some of our colleagues. It was footage on an interview conducted in Aurora Province. After Ondoy, we had no choice but to reshoot. I took the lead to go to Aurora just after Pepeng struck for the first time (he went back remember).

The road was relatively easy. We took the NLEX and SLEX, until we reached Cabanatuan in Nueva Ecija. There we took the road to Aurora. We had to pass by Pangtabangan Dam to reach the once isolated province.

I knew we we're supposed to take pictures, but I just couldn't resist. The water being released looked so magnificent, yet this was the cause of flooding in the plains of Luzon. I witnessed the release of water with awe, knowing that there was another dam like this that contributed tot he destruction of our Provident Village home.
Well, moving on, the roads were unpaved already as we hit the mountains. Some parts of the road was unpassable by normal cars (sedans). You should really take an SUV or pick up truck or something.

There was a bridge that was closed due to the floods, so we had to take a longer alternative route. We reached Nueva Vizcaya, and traversed the Sierra Madres.

And saw another dam as we approached Aurora. The views were excellent. It was a sea on top of the mountains.

The majestic Sierra Madres seemed endless, and we kept crawling up mountain after mountain, dusting our tires with dirt and mud.
The view of forests all around was soothing. I have not been a mountain person lately, but this made me fall in love with them again. How I wish I had a house perched on top of one of the cliffs, and wake up everyday to this spectacular view.

Finally, we arrived in Aurora. It was a nice day, not too hot, and it was breezy. We made our way across some zigzag roads before reaching Maria Aurora. All in all, it took us 6 hours of travel. Our way back was even faster. I know, we were traveling fast. But with all the infrastructure developments, Aurora will soon be opened up, and will begin thriving on tourists who seek more adventurous alternatives up North.


  1. ~its so So nIce tLaga aNg aUrorA gXto Koh nA uLit bUmalik......


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