Gloria de Dapitan

Who would expect a place like this in Dapitan? Gloria de Dapitan in Zamboanga Del Norte was again another surprise. I've seen the breezy bay boulevard nearby, and the historical Rizal Shrine, but I never guessed I would find an entertainment complex right in the heart of this quaint town.

There were restaurants and bars in the complex. This disco bar for example looked very much the ones we have in Manila. We came in just to have some beers, and no one was around yet. That was 10PM. When we left at around midnight, the place was already packed. Seems like the folks of Dapitan also know how to party.

There was also a bowling alley, that was again full of people.

At the center of the complex was a fighting cock arena, which was closed at that time.

But the main attraction in this complex was something even more unexpected. Even Davao and Cebu doesn't have this. More on my next post.


  1. hi! borrowed photos from your site for my post. i credited you as well. thanks! =)


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