Exploring Dakak Beach Resort

As I've mentioned in my previous post, Dakak is an unexpectedly huge and well-maintained resort. There are rooms that can accommodate up to 500 people in the form of beach front villas and cottages. There is a convention center, a indoor gaming hall, a tennis court, an orchid farm, an expansive white sand beach, and even a casino. There's even a chapel that is perfect for weddings. You definitely don't have a reason to leave the resort. 2 nights is enough, but you still won't be able to do everything.

We decided to explore the resort on the 2nd day. Dakak is tucked between two towering rocks, that make their landscape distinct. So, we decided to climb the highest one, where a communications tower was located.

We asked around how to go up the rock, and we were told to find a sign on the road to the reception that says "Repeater". We found the sign, that marked the beginning of cemented steps that eventually led us all the way up. The climb wasn't as difficult and only took us 10 minutes. There were steps all the way, so anyone can go up, just as long as you pace yourself. I became increasingly excited as I got passed through the foliage.

The view was awesome, as Dakak had two coastlines. The other side was part of a tranquil bay, where I could see a small island that had some construction going on. I was then told that it would be part of a golf course.

And to the other side, you could see glorious Dakak Beach, wide and white, facing the Sulu Sea. It was a treat indeed, and we spent some time up, drinking some beers, and relishing a moment above the world.

Going made gave us a view of the places we could still explore in and around the resort. So, after an hour, we decided to go down, and explore another part of Dakak that was probably not part of the resort anymore - the beach beside it.

I didn't know how this beach was called, but it was to the north of main Dakak Beach. From above, we could see the white sand reveal itself as the tide subsided. We passed through the golf course, which was abandoned already (they will be renovating it), and crossed a wire fence, to make it to the next beach.

This beach was fronting a fishing village, yet the sand quality is better that that of Dakak's. It was also wider, making it a huge sandbox that stretch for half a kilometer in length and depth (during low tide). There was also a mangrove, that painted some inspiringly eerie images onshore.

What made the visit to the beach even better was the presence of thousands, if not millions of these small blue crabs. At first, we only noticed a few, but when I decided to stop and sit down just to relax, I was shocked at the number of crabs that were surrounding me. When I moved, they all dug down the sand to hide again. It was amazing.

This beach has so much potential, because it's not just a huge stretch of sand. A mangrove stands here, and the bay is more peaceful. The sand is finer and more powdery as well.

So we headed back to Dakak's main beach, where we spent the rest of the afternoon just lying on the sand and watching the waves roll up on us. Dakak was a surprise. I never knew I would enjoy an old, established, and huge resort like this. It has maintained its beauty over the years, and kept nature intact. For me, it's now the best BIG resort in the country, if ever there is a category like that.

Visit Dakak Beach Resort located in Dapitan, Zamboanga Del Norte, which is just 40 minutes away from the Dipolog Airport. Free pick up from the airport. To know more, visit their website. The website may not look as good, and the pictures there do not do justice for the place.


  1. post more. I probably won't be able to see this place.

  2. I never imagine that Dakak could be this magnificent. Seeing these pictures inspired me to go there. Definitely will change my plans for next summer to go there.

  3. can this site post picture of the convention hall of dakak?or the family pavillion?

  4. Can this site post more picture? I mean, I need more pictures for my report. This is a really big help!


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