Golden Spoon Now in Manila

The frozen yogurt craze is still taking Manila by storm, with the entrant of its newest international player, Golden Spoon. Popular in Southern California, Golden Spoon has something other frozen yogurt don't have - flavors. While Red Mango may be my Holy Grail of frozen yogurts, it only has the plain and green tea variants. Golden Spoon can have as much as a dozen flavors of frozen yogurts.

From Chocolate Caramel, to Pistacio, Cookie Batter, Cookies and Cream, Cheesecake and the intriguing Boysenberry, Golden Spoon's wide variety has indeed captured the interest of its crowd in Shangrila Plaza Mall. It also offers the same favorite toppings, with some more new ones.

They also have hot toppings, liquid toppings, that can just make you drool. The frozen yogurt may be low-fat but these toppings like Caramel and Mallow Creme aren't.

I was actually surprised to see a Golden Spoon when I entered Shangrila Mall (it's beside the Starbucks at the ground level). Even before you're inspected by the guards, you'll surely detour to have a sample of their tempting flavors. And the yogurt is good too. It's creamy, smooth and delicious. I got the Cheesecake as recommended, and topped it off with of course, graham crackers.

I just wished they also had the plain yogurt available that time, because, a plain one is still my gauge for taste. Nevertheless, the Cheesecake Flavored Frozen Yogurt I got was not bad, and it made me crave for their other flavors. Looks like, I have a new craving once again. Good thing it's fat free!


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