The Beaches near the Bataan Nuclear Powerplant

When we arrived in Coral View in Morong, we didn't plan to go somewhere else. But I saw boats on the shore, and asked the resort staff if they can be rented and where they could take us. They pointed the edge of Poblacion Beach, where another beach can be seen. I didn't hesitate then to take the boats, which cost us P100 per person. We were off to a new discovery.

Well, the unknown beach looked great from afar, but as we approached it, we realized it was rocky, although had white sand. The surrounding rocks were also interesting, and it formed a sort of lagoon nearby.

When we docked on the shores, I noticed a trail going somewhere inside. We bravely took it, and realized it was a short path to another beach. And lo and behold, we saw something unexpected, the Bataan Nuclear Powerplant.

I was surprised that it was just there. I didn't know it was nearby, so it was definitely a treat. I didn't take my camera, since I thought the path was just going to take us somewhere inside the trees. I was so excited with what I saw, that I started to trek the jagged crags that dotted the edge of the cape to get better views. We found very great viewing points, after rock climbing a bit. It was a place that made you feel lost.

We didn't see anyone else around, although, nearer the power plant, we saw smoke coming out. Trying to get a better view, we discovered there was a another beach and it looked inhabited. There was a tower like structure and some boats. I wondered if it was some sort of a government secret lair. Yeah right. I thought of reaching that beach by foot, but it was already sunset, and some of our friends called us to go back to the boats. We quickly took our last pictures on top of rocks at the edge of cliffs.

We headed back, half hearted, and was greeted to a wonderful sunset, that was always my experience in Bataan (also in Subic). The sun was like a yolk in deep orange, and the skies were filled with melancholy colors. It was an awesome moment, and we spent a bit more time taking pictures.

This is why I don't like to stay put. I've always been known to take boats to wherever, and end up discovering new places, new experiences. It becomes more magical when the element of surprise is there.


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