Market Cafe at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino

I've always been a fan of hotel buffets. I think I have eaten in almost all noteworthy hotels. I think the top five ones are Spiral in Sofitel, Circles in Makati Shang, Paseo Uno in Mandarin, Seven Corners in Crowne Plaza and Tides in Shangrila Mactan. I wouldn't say the next one is at par with the ones about for the quality of food, but I am beginning to fall in love with this quaint buffet venue in the heart of Malate in Manila. Let me take you to the Market Cafe at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino.

Why am I recommending you to go all the way to Malate for a buffet experience? Well, here are three reasons:

1. The Intimacy

As it is not a big venue, like Spiral, Market Cafe becomes an intimate escape for a dinner with friends or family. There are never a lot of people, and this makes it more casual and relaxed. You won't feel too uptight.

2. The Service

Aside from Crowne Plaza, the service of the wait staff and chefs in Market Cafe is excellent. They treat you like real guests, and they are willing to bring you everything you ask for. They are courteous and attentive.

3. The Free Drinks

For the price of around P1,500 nett, you not only get a wide selection of different cuisine, but also free drinks! Yes, unlimited drinks. And not just soft drinks, but also beer and wine! It was too late for me to discover that there was indeed wine. I don't know if it was a Christmas promo, but that made the experience very satisfying. You get your drinks from the chillers, or you can ask your friendly waiter for some.

So, there. Three simple and basic reasons why I like Market Cafe. Over-all, it's just fun and relaxing to eat there. I just enjoy being there and all money spent was well worth it. Eat, drink and be merry, all the way from soup to dessert and more beer afterwards. Just don't get drunk.


  1. stumbled upon your blog on market cafe while searching for info...

    the weekend lunch buffet includes free-flowing sparkling wine :) 1518pesos NET. :) cool, huh?

    oh, and i love market cafe! they serve arugula. hehe.

  2. so it's a regular thing. thanks for the confirmation. have to take my friends out there.


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