8 Spices: The Il Terrazo Series

8 Spices is a Thai resto in the newly opened Il Terrazo along Tomas Morato. My first impression was, the interiors looked like it has been plucked out from a province in Thailand. It's not classy, like KIngdom or People's Palace, so it's more of the Chinese looking Asian restos. So I wondered, will their food be authentic?

Of course, I enjoy Thai food, so I was very weary in trying another Thai resto in a country where there is no "real" great Thai restaurants. We were there for lunch, and since it was still new, only a few guests were present. But compared to the other restos in Terrazo, they had more luck. So I look at the menu, which was extensive. They offered a lot. Since it was a first time, I had to order the basics to measure the standards of the restaurant. But first up was a relatively new dish for me, a Tofu and Eggplant Salad. This tasted really good and the flavors authentic. The tofu was cooked well, not too flimsy. The eggplant was marinated with bold flavors.

Next was the Tom Yum Seafood. Now this is always on a Thai menu's list. The soup was just okay, nothing special. I thought it lacked a bit of flavor, and it was more on the sweet side.

Finally, the Green Curry Chicken. For me, when a Green Curry Chicken is served excellent, then the chef knows what it is doing, and thus, churns out better dishes. Well, sad to say, their version was not okay for me. The curry lacked substance, and the chicken was already swimming in the soup. I still think the best Green Curry dishes are those with thicker sauces, and are cooked longer under low heat for the chicken to absorb the curry flavor more.

So the verdict? Well, 8 Spices is not superb, but it is something worth trying. I may have not been satisfied, but there are a whole lot more in the menu. Do let me know if their other dishes are good. 8 Spices, I think, is best for Sunday lunch with the family.


  1. for me,the food is fantastic!!!! well, I guess it depends on what you ordered and it depends on each ones palate...

  2. the fooooooood is great!!!!!

  3. you dont know how to order a dish!

  4. nothing spectacular, food was ordinary, there are plenty of yummier thai dishes around. as for authenticity i agree with rj ...green curry is supposed to be served with thicker sauce . Well after all to each it's own.

  5. can i ask if u know the contact number of this resto? thanks

  6. Service at 8 Spices Galleria SUCKS!!! We ordered our food at 1pm (Pineapple Fried Rice, Phad Thai, Crispy Pata, Half Chicken with Basil, Broccoli and Shrimp Cakes). At around 120PM we followed up on our orders. The waiter had that puzzled look on his face so he called the manager/head waiter. He then asked us what we ordered. Why was he asking me our order, wasn't it suppose to be in the kitchen already??!!!! Obviously somebody misplaced our orders because it came out at 140PM! We all lost our appetites and just had most of it packed for take out. No apology from the manager for their sucky service. NEVER GOING BACK THERE!!!


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