The Persian Square

After the Kebab Factory, I head off down Ortigas into the Home Depot complex where another new kebab place makes noise. Welcome to the Persian Square.

Persian Square looks nice from outside, with all the adornments. The same ambience is present inside, and I'm guessing people are telling themselves, "well at least they don't look like the old Behrouz". There's a map of Iran in stone on the floor as you enter the door (Persia is the ancient name of Iran). We skimmed through the menu, and found the prices like Behrouz, thus, had it as our benchmark. We ordered this bread, forgot the name but it's the one that's P30. We thought it would be more like roti, but it came out like a toasted thick naan with sesame seeds. As a result we ordered hummus to dip the bread on.

My friend ordered a keema, which came out under a bed of long grain rice topped with an unopened pack of fresh Anchor Butter. The butter is usually mixed with the rice, but I prefer to smother it over the kebab. You can ask for extra Anchor butter anyway.

This is what a plain kebab looks like. You have to order extra onions ad tomatoes and pita as well to make this perfect. The kebab was quite dry, but had satisfying flavors.

Finally, the beef tenderloin slices (sorry, forgot the receipt, hence, no name). I just remember it was less than P350. It came with the same rice. I found the steak too dry though. Another thing I didn't like about Persian Square are their sauces. The garlic yogurt was completely lacking in substance and it was too liquid. I could do better in making one. The hot sauce, well, seemed like bottled hot sauce. No Persian spices I thought.

So, was the visit worth it? I was told by my friends to go there, and ever since it was under construction, I was already excited for it to open. Now, I am a fan of Persian, Middle eastern, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine, and kebabs are my "diet food". Although they may taste the same, I could notice the difference in quality and measure value by price. When you have Uncle Mo's nearby, and have tasted the best keema in a wonderful roadside kebab place called Brothers in Maginahwa in QC, I wonder there Persian Square would sit. Well, it's a nice place, given it's cozy. There are also sishas for only P350. So, call it a casual venue for bonding over kebab with your family or a date. If you want real value, there are more Persian spots out there.


  1. there's this persian place near intrepid plaza, libis (where omakase is) i think its in the same building as floor something. i tried it with a friend. simple lang, buttery rice and very reasonable dishes. you should try it.

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