Just a short post here about Cake2Go. I know this is a delayed post on cakes, as the holidays are over, but the Valentine's season is still coming up, so what better way to sweeten up the day but with cakes.

Cake2Go is located in the Blue Ridge portion of Katipunan Road. It is on the lane heading towards White Plains. There's a bright red sign so you won't miss it. What I love about the place is the place itself. I admired their interiors, as a recipe was placed in marquee up against the wall. There was one huge freezer with all the cakes they served.

A lot of cakes are offered here, and some of them are interesting. We settled though for the classic turtle pie. We also ordered smaller cake versions, so we could taste more of their offerings.

I can't remember the stuff we got, but from what I remember, I told people that this was a great alternative to Red Ribbon. Oh, and they do deliver.


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