Cool Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is the place that comes into mind when you speak of Siargao. This world renowned surfing spot has actually been a destination for surfers for several years. It's just recently (well, in the last 5 years) that Cloud 9 was elevated to the world stage after being featured in several magazines. It is the Philippine's premier surfing spot.

Getting to Siargao is an adventure, not until recently when Cebu Pacific opened direct flights to the island from Cebu. Now, most surfers go directly to Cebu and then catch a flight to Siargao. Cliud 9 is around 4 km from the center of General Luna. You cannot really walk to Cloud 9, but you can in 30 minutes I guess. Most people rent motorbikes, or stay in the Cloud 9 area. There are several resorts there, from simple bungalows to luxurious resorts.

There is a wooden boardwalk that leads to the surf. There is also a platform at the end, used by judges during competitions. The boardwalk looks rickety, but is actually sturdy, considering that waves pass through it. It's also nice that you can just walk to the waves.

I arrived in Cloud 9 at dusk, so it was a different feeling. There were still some surfers hitting the waves, while most are on their way back. Most of the surfers were foreigners by the way, or balikbayans. I happened to pass by some local kids who seemed to have enjoyed an afternoon of riding the waves.

I am not a surfer, and this is one thing I have to try. I just couldn't seem to find time to do it. Anyway, I want to try it in Zambales or La Union. I've been to Daet as well, but just managed to use a body board.

I was expecting Cloud 9 to be busy, but true to the surfer attitude, it was laid back. Cloud 9 is a great place to hang out, and with friendly people convincing you to try surfing, you may just find yourself giving to the temptation to hit the world famous waves of Cloud 9.


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