Guyam Island

Imagine, this island was just in front of Patrick's on the Beach. It was around 10 minutes away via boat. Though the seas were rough, I made it a point to convince Babu, the resort manager, to take me there. He first told me that I could kayak my way there, but after seeing the waves, he was generous enough to take me there (P500 roundtrip on a big boat). The island was called Guyam.

Guyam reminded me of Waniban Island in Mati, though it was much more picturesque. The sand was blinding white, though a bit grainy (not Boracay sand for those who always ask me). The tide was low, so a lot of sand was exposed.

The island is surrounded 50% with a sandy beach. The rest was lined with battered rocks facing the raging Pacific. The wind blew hard that day, so the palm trees were dancing. The sun was up though when I docked, so it made my stay more pleasant.

There were huts in the center of the island, and no inhabitants. The huts were set-up by the resort owners of General Luna. I heard that a wedding was supposed to happen later in the afternoon. I wondered why no one was setting up. But yes, it's a great place to get hitched. It's an island paradise all to yourself.

I wasn't able to swim, since the current was strong. I just went to the calm areas of the shore, facing General Luna, where pockets of water were formed in the vast white sand. By 11AM, the water went even lower, so imagine the stretch of sand that was revealed. The island just became bigger.

A lot of resorts actually offer island tours in Siargao, and Guyam is a popular stop. I'm seeing this to be a perfect place to have a picnic lunch. I was supposed to visit nearby Dako Island (bigger and inhabited), but we didn't bring enough gasoline. So I decided to make a rain check (more reason to go back). I've heard Dako has a longer and wider stretch of sand, but it's not as virgin as Guyam, since people live there.

I could spend a whole day in Guyam, just bring me food and drinks. I could snorkel nearby, take a kayak (in good seasons), cook, swim, and just lay on the sand. I could finish any book, or even work all day, as long as I am here. Guyam is one of my favorite islands in the country now, so you can expect me to be back.


  1. Where is this Guyam Island?

  2. Guyam Island is just fronting General Luna beach in Siargao.

  3. i will go here soon! thanks, ganda

  4. more photos at



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