The 4 Islands Tour of Krabi

We woke up the next day with a blessing. It was bright and sunny. The receptionist at our resort told us it was the first time in days. Good thing we booked a tour the night before to 4 Islands around Krabi - better known as the 4-Islands Tour.

What's good about Thailand is that their tourism facilities are actually cheap and organized. Here in Krabi, there are several tour operators, thus, prices can be competitive. We booked our tour for THB 800 or around P1,200 for a day, to visit 4 islands, with lunch at the last island. And we would be traveling via speedboat.

Our first destination was actually a beach at the next cove to Ao Nang - a popular backpacker's place as well, Railey Beach. The place is known for its limestone rocks and caves, which is actually seen in most of Krabi. Here one can do rock climbing, which is the most popular activity.

I wasn't able to go rock climbing because I was on a tour, so we just explored the beach, and its caves. There are some rocks off shore, just like in the picture above, which is perhaps found in every picture of Railey Beach.

Moving on, we sped off further into the Adaman Sea and passed by Chicken Island (Koh Khai) and did a bit of snorkeling there. Koh Khai is a rock island, so we weren't able to dock here. Of course, it's because of this rock formation that the island was named Chicken.

The snorkeling was not good though, since the current was strong, and there aren't much to see except for some small fish (I'm heavily comparing it to snorkeling experiences here in the Philippines). So after 30 minutes, we proceeded to Tup Island, which are actually two islands, connected by a small sand bar.

One part of the island was bigger, so I explored more and discovered more powder white sands and secluded beaches. I must say that the beaches here are all well kept, since no one is allowed to live in these islands. The tour operators and tourists are well are very responsible and don't leave anything behind. I hope the same thing is done here in the Philippines.

Finally, we headed off to our last destination, Poda Island where we had a picnic lunch. All the other tour operators had their own lunch set-ups. Some more expensive ones had impressive BBQ buffet picnics.

Afterwards, we were given 2 hours free time to just do whatever we wanted. Of course, to us, that meant swimming and beach lounging. The sand here is Boracay soft. In fact, in all the islands that we've been to, the sand is powder white - perfect for relaxing, and know.

This rock is a picturesque landmark in Koh Poda. The waters became calmer after lunch, so the atmosphere was peaceful and serene. Some of the tourists have left as well, especially the "Asians" so there were less people on the island. After that, it was back home to Ao Nang. We went straight to our pool in Somkiet where we chilled out till sunset.

We're all excited for the next day, since it was the day of THE BEACH. So, stay updated with the island explorer.


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